Who/what is NAV CANADA – Quick facts!

  • Canada’s Air Navigation Services provider, managing safe air traffic control across Canada in controlled airspace
  • A private non-share capital corporation, created in 1996
  • Exempt from income taxes as it meets the definition of a not-for-profit organization under the Income Tax Act (Canada); however, its subsidiaries operating in Canada and other jurisdictions are subject to Canadian and foreign taxes.
  • Accountable only to its shareholders, its Board of Directors, and the aviation industry it provides services for
  • Mandate is to provide air navigation services across Canada and maintain the highest level of safety and meet all Transport Canada and ICAO safety protocols and air regulations
  • 2015 Annual report mentions “safety” 41 times. “Noise” is mentioned 3 times.
What NAV CANADA is not
  • Accountable to the citizens of Canada with respect to aviation noise over your home
  • Does not consider impacts of flight path reallocation with respect to aviation noise
  • Does not need to comply with Freedom of Information requests
What can happen to you
  • Live years in the same house in a quiet neighbourhood with minimal or no aircraft from Pearson airport overhead, then wake up one day and realize you now live under a busy concentrated flight path, without warning!
  • Sell your home because you live under a busy concentrated flight path and a few years later, realise NAV CANADA relocated the same busy concentrated flight path over your new home!

NAV CANADA impacts across Canada