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T.A.N.G. continues the dialogue with MPs, NAV CANADA, GTAA, and CENAC following the HELIOS report and subsequent NAV CANADA response to the HELIOS report. Fundamentally, progress is too slow for immediate relief. We recognize there are standard protocols to make airspace changes, however, there are certain noise mitigations that could alleviate night time noise for a significant portion of the residents within the Toronto core. This is acknowledged in the HELIOS report.
We continue to press for NAV CANADA to be diligent in bringing relief. The same efforts must be seen through our elected representatives to ensure Minister Garneau never loses sight of the impact to residents of Toronto and surrounding affected areas, brought about by the actions of NAV CANADA.

In concert with the above, we also recognize the desires for GTAA to expand Toronto Pearson airport in passenger volumes. Fundamentally, you don’t market expansion when present volumes and flight concentration impacts so many residents of Toronto and surrounding areas. We see this as a failure to recognize a problem without applying the appropriate noise mitigations first. For GTAA and NAV CANADA to be good corporate neighbours, noise mitigation must be fully explored, implemented, and then planning and discussions should occur for expansion. Without this consideration, residential areas under Toronto Pearson flight paths are greatly impacted and a present situation is made worse.

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