Noise Abatement

Please see link to technical report describing current Pearson International Airport arrivals routes – noise and fuel burn issues, and recommendations for improvements by Captain David Inch.


  • General statements about noise abatement strategies, third party policing and accountability

NAV CANADA Accountability – impacts across Canada

What other airports are doing

What NAV CANADA does from time to time, weather/traffic dependent

Runway 33 arrivals – aircraft turn over lake with short straight-in approach

R33-arrivals-Mar28-late-evening-base leg over lake





Runway 15 arrivals – high approach over Toronto with final approach over north Brampton

R15-arrivals-Mar28-early-morning-high approach over Etobicoke-multiple vectors to arrivals pattern-North Brampton





What NAV CANADA does most of the time to residents of central Toronto

Runway 24 arrivals – concentrated downwind over mid-town Toronto

R24-arrivals-Apr18-early-evening-concentrated downwind