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To register a noise complaint for aircraft arriving to/departing from Pearson airport, use the following link:

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Please note: You can register multiple complaints at one time by putting the additional times in the comment box in the complaint form.

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[Pearson airport jet noise overhead]

HELIOS  – Independent Toronto Airspace Review

Technical notes/actions

=> Green OK under GP – glidepath or LOC – localizer ILS “Instrument Landing System” indicates active runway.
=> Wind direction also displayed

  • Midtown arrivals impact: Runways 24L or 24R
  • Midtown departures impact: Runways 05, 06L, 06R
  • Air Canada Airbus fleet > 12 years old and is rated as Chapter-3 noise certification – much older certification than Chapter-4 (B777, A380)
  • Westjet Boeing 737 fleet is newer series B737, but rated only 3-4 dB better in overflight ratings than Chapter-3
  • Chapter-4 noise-certified aircraft, like B777 and Airbus A380 achieve some of the best overflight noise ratings in specific carrier fleets
  • B777 and A380 large aircraft with large wing area cause loud low-frequency rumble on fly-overs, like thunder/earthquake
  • Many of the flight operations over Toronto are AirCanada Airbus and Westjet B737
  • Human ear notices 3dB sound changes, however a 10dB differential is most noticeable
  • Most Toronto backyards have night time/weekend ambient noise reading of 50 dBA
  • Most overflights in Toronto have readings > 60dBA (source: GTAA sound measurement readings Lawrence Park/Davisville Village 2010)