Toronto Aviation Noise – a problem since Feb. 2012, and even before!

I’ve lived in Davisville Village since the fall of 2008. After moving into the neighbourhood, I realised I moved into a flight path a few months after the move from East York. After some searching, I discovered an airport organisation called CENAC – Community Environmental Noise Advisory Committee. I attended my first CENAC meeting at GTAA in the fall of 2008.¬†Soon afterwards, I realised that CENAC was an information body without teeth or mandate to fix a problem of commercial jet noise over Toronto skies and it had no jurisdiction to tell a national organisation like NAV CANADA to fix noisey approach/departure routes. They could merely relay the message.

Therefore, the CENAC group and function lacked any teeth to get things done for citizen impacts of the magnitude brought upon Toronto after February 2012, when big changes happened to the Toronto arrivals airspace. For affected residents living under flight paths enduring sleep loss, noise pollution, and air quality contamination from jet fuel particulate matter, the only recourse was complain to their MP of the day, and continue complaining, writing letters to the Minister of Transport, and basically get the standard Minister of Transport template response.

With the current federal arrangement with NAV CANADA (privatisation since 1996), the “keys to the store” were handed over to NAV CANADA to develop a safe and technology advanced Air Navigation Services without due regard to citizens who NAV CANADA directs air traffic over at any time of the day or night. This being a national problem, this situation has festered to what it is today, across communities like Surrey B.C. (2007/2008), Calgary (2015), Toronto (2012), and Montreal (2012). Any community could be next on the NAV CANADA radar and there’s nothing a citizen could do about this except move and hope NAV CANADA doesn’t redesign a flight path over your next new home location.

This is an unacceptable arrangement for the citizens of Canada and living in major cities and surrounding areas who are impacted by this situation. Federal legislation and policing is the only solution to correct this, not just before the next election to look politically favourable, but 2016 – now!